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North Cyprus Film is a collaboration between the TRNC Ministry of Tourism And Environment, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The faculties of Arts and Communications at our world renowned Universities and English and Turkish Cypriot peoples who have vast experience in the film, television and communications industries, coupled with sound administrative procedures designed to make your Northern Cyprus productions as trouble-free as possible


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Originating from England Peter has spent over 40 years working as a marketing manager, journalist and public relations manager in the tourism, leisure and hospitality industries.  During this time he was also responsible for the organisation of major international conferences and chaired a number of tourism related organisations and has set up and  manages North Cyprus Film.

He appeared as an extra and actor in several British television series and dramas and had minor roles in two feature length movies before re-locating to Northern Cyprus where he has appeared in several amateur stage productions, singing groups and had a featured role in the Cyprus produced film, “Code Name Venus” which was premiered at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival before general European release.

Peter was the Cyprus representative of the Golden Island International Film Festival which had its premier in North Cyprus in 2014.

Victoria Kudryavtseva

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Victoria was born in the Russian Far East (1987), lived in Poland, the Republic of Karelia, graduated from school and university in Ukraine. Since 2016 she has been living in Cyprus with her family.

From early childhood, she was passionate about theater and cinema. From the age of 8 she played at the KRUUGA Theater, where she rehearsed and performed with adults. At one of the performances, she promised a teacher from a theater university, who was sitting in the auditorium that she would become an actress.

She studied and worked at the Theater Center at the Kiev-Mohyla University (Kyiv). Before that, she studied at a specialized lyceum at the Pedagogical University. This experience came in handy for her, since now she teaches children acting. She also graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Studies. She completed a training course on the TV channel and worked as a TV presenter in the program "Ambassador's Kitchen". For 7 years she studied at an art school, also several styles of dance, since 2009 she has been regularly engaged in yoga, took a course in screenwriting and wrote several scripts for series. She is interested in all the stages of making films.

Victoria is sure that Northern Cyprus is a great place to shoot music videos, commercials and feature films.

Oleksandr Kudryavtseva

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Oleksandr was born in Kyiv. At 36, he mastered more than ten specialties. He is constantly learning and expanding his horizons.
4+ years shooting video/photo, editing and making visual effects (animation, 2D/3D animation, cleanup, keying, tracking, rotoscoping), color correction, color grading.
5+ years he worked as an actor in theatres, in television series. He was also voice actor for audio-books.
2+ years as art-director of Acting school.

7+ years in website development and maintenance

5+ years in internet marketing

4+ years experience in team leading

He considers that all the experience of previous work is very useful for him in the North Cyprus Film Productions.

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